Mystic Ginger - Solar Pluxus

Mystic Ginger - Solar Pluxus


The Solar Plus Chakra - this is where your intuition and 'feelings' lie.  Begin a physical, emotional and spiritual journey with Spongellé’s Spiritual Detox Buffer. Wash away negativity and focus your intentions with ashwagandha root extract and the power of chakra stones while meditating and reaffirming your new found energy.


  • Each buffer will last 22+ washes and includes a yellow jade chakra stone for meditation and cleansing. Cleanse, buff, detox and renew.
  • The yellow jade stone charges our solar plexus chakra relating to growth, personal power, and control. 


Fragrance Notes

T: orange, ginger, peppermint, earl grey M: lemongrass, muguet, carnation D: sandalwood, musk