Chakra Solar Plexus Pendant

Chakra Solar Plexus Pendant


The Solar Plexus is the source of all our energy and power.  This Solar Plexus Chakra nourishing Citrine energy radiating out from our Solar Plexus to empower us, much like expanding across the universe.  The cut out star decorating the bale completes the design and makes an interesting conversation piece.



  • Amethyst - Crown - Enlightening, Consciousness
  • Iolite - Third Eye - Intuition, Wisdom
  • Blue Topaz - Throat - Love, Compassion
  • Citrine - Solar Plexus - Introspective, Growth
  • Canelian - Navel-Sacral - Desire, Creativity
  • Garnet - Root - Security, Health


Pendant is 2" long

Sterling Silver

Silver 20" necklace chain included