Calming Sleep Mist

Calming Sleep Mist


Drift of to dreamland. Enjoy the calming superpowers of the essential oils in this blend, which relieves stress, soothes the mind, and effectively lulls you to sleep. This deliciously scented sleep mist will transform your bedroom with its calming natural oils. Just spritz onto your pillow or linen to enjoy its relaxing effects.


8 ounces

  • How to Use

    Spritz Woolzies Linen and Pillow Spray liberally around your home to freshen linen and furniture.

    Spray into the air to neutralize odors and give your home a fresh scent.

    Keep this spray in your car to freshen upholstery and give your car a lovely fragrance. 

    Spritz onto laundry for a naturally fresh and clean scent.